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The Paris Treatment



The Paris Treatment - is for that "Special" gentleman who enjoy Paradise, be spoiled


1. A Therapeutic relaxation body massage with a gentle soft touch - before your session

2. The warm gentle soothing A-1High Colonic or Enema Cleansing Treatment - bottoms-up! - let the warm water flow ...

3. The gentle healthy Prostate Massage/milking for -health. Plus, it is very relaxing and pleasurable

and let's not just stop there ...

4. Another soft touch  body massage relaxation treatment - afterwards

If you are "Special' and you think that you deserve the best, call me to schedule:

The Paris Treatment

I am known local, National & International - "A Businessmen's Delight"

Bottoms-up! - "leave walking with a little pep in your step"

Nurse Pearl  - 212-353-8817


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