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Nurse Pearl's Enema World - "The Enema Explosion"

 Finally, the Enema Explosion has now arrived to Nurse Pearl’s Enema World, Bottoms-up!  I own a large assortment of various fabulous A-1 Enema equipment to provide you with the best healthy, pleasurable fantastic Enemas.

Many Enema-receivers, love & enjoy Nurse Pearl's A-1 Enemas and also the luxury décor of the Enema equipment. Much equipment, all types of fantastic Enema bags. So many to choose from, your choice. There is nothing wrong in spoiling  yourself. All of the Enema equipment, “ I give it a thumbs up”!!!

So many different types of beautiful Enema bags & study adding:

The Jim Diamond 2-quart black heavy Enema bag -  a quick warm water fill up And it is a beautiful Diamond. You will love its look.

The Old Fashioned Red Enema Bag  - the one your mommy used to administer to you when you were a kid. The only difference is this is a fabulous 4-quart, what more can I say, “just so lovely”

Enjoy the thrill of the warm water fill

The Pure Silicone /translucent 4-quart Enema bag So very fabulous, so popular and so clear. Watch the water flow. Your Grandma wants to try it.

The 2-quart vinyl clear Enema Kit -  So clear, will you be looking at Me… Nurse Pearl, as I administer  warm soothing water from this magnificent  particular Enema equipment. ( You can look at us both. Just remember, you will be very happy.


The single-Bardex is here and so is the double-Bardex.  Yours to cherish!

So many different kinds of Nozzles.  Providing you with The Red Inflatable Nozzle.  You will love it as I gentle blow it up inside, beginning at 1-inch of diameter and expand to a delighful 2-inch of hard passionate nozzle as I gently pump, pump, pump away.

O. K. try The Higginson Enema Pump, which is about 24 inches long. The design is very beautiful. It allows me to water into your Colon thoroughly. As I pump the in-line bulb, it gently provides pressure and is definitely a great flow. I personally have always called it  “The Gusher”. A little water here & a big “gush” there.

All different lengths and sizes of the rubber Colon tubes:  20-20” long,   28-20”long. Probably among your favorites is  also the 32-30” long.

NEW The Silicone 30” long beautiful closed end colon tube. It is so wonderful, its use will definite make you blush!

Beautiful Barium Tips - they are very popular and the feel is just so smooth & so great. Small, medium or large.  Spoil yourself, try them all. There is no squeeze. They all are very comfortable. Bottoms-up!

notice: stay tuned...more fabulous  Enema Equipment is on the way 

A variety of Healthy Enemas that I provide for Health, Pleasure & well-being

The Royal Flush – I administer Coffee Enemas - I used organic Coffee which is excellent for the liver & gall bladder. Coffee Enemas are healthy, soothing, relaxing, pleasurable &very popular. A Royal Flush-out. I also administer them to myself.

To Be Continued ...... call me for an appointment

 Enema Plus and more is Coming ...



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