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Gentle A-1 Prostate Milking

The Male G-Spot - Gentle Prostate Massage/Milking


Gentlemen: I administer healthy Prostate Massage/Milking with gentleness & ease, one of my greatest Expertise. Come relax your body and receive the attention that it deserves. I speciaize in one of the best techniques, prolonged healthy relaxation with a unique soft touch. Healthy & very sensual.


When I apply soothing adequate gentleness to your Prostate, during the massage, your seminal Prostate fluids are gently released...or a.k.a "milked". It is just that simple! Very soothing very relaxed & very soothing.



 I am always very gentle when I administer a Professional Prostate Massage/Milking. You will definitely find the relief which is needed.

 Just remember, there are many benefits in Prostate  Massage Milking for Prostate health.

 Ejaculation is caused by muscular contraction. These muscles basically get a soothing "workout" everytime you ejaculate.

 It is necessary to keep your Prostate gland toned and as healthy as possible. Be kind to your body.

 "Prostate Milking" Relaxation is a very gentle treatment. Often, gentlemen say that it is

also, "Pleasurable as well as being healthy".

** Reduces inflammation from an Enlarged Prostate



 I enjoy administering healthy, soothing, pleasurable Prostate Massaging/Milking. Be sure to read the whole page and then call me.

When the Prostate Massage is administered frequently, it will not only ensure that remains healthy from threats of any of the Chronic Prostate diseases, you can and will also enjoy the sensation of pure pleasure from having it done.

The Prostate Massage is very healthy and very popular, being recommended by Doctors and health advocates around the world, and at the same time being healthy practiced by hundreds of thousands of males.

Gentlemen experience healthy Prostate cleansing pleasure & improve the health of your Prostate.

note: Remember Prostate Milking is a very healthy & enjoyable experience Treatment, when administered by a Doctor or skilled Certified Therapist. I enjoy administering, 27 wonderful years of experience.

My name is Nurse Pearl - Certified Colon-Hydro Therapist

Prostate Milking is one regime that is exclusive just for men. It is a routine that will cleanse the inside of your Prostate gland and feel good at the same time. What a fantastic relief. I approve and enjoy my client/patients re-actions

It is called: Prostate Milking because stimulating the Prostate and extacting its content, the milk refers to the white fluid or semen.

When  administered properly,  Prostate Milking will definitely create a Prostate Orgasm that will be beautifully intense up to 100% stronger and last 50% longer than what men are accustomed to. This is very healthy and pleasurable for men.

Afterwards, my client/patients express how Prostate great and prostate cleansed they feel and how surprised the Prostate Cleansing Orgasm lasted.

Gentlemen, call me to book an appointment. The atmosphere is a delight, by candle-light and soft music, 24/7. 

 212-353-8817 - Nurse Pearl - Internationally Known

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