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*** This page is to advise you as to a list of all I provide: Take time to read the listings and kindly call with any questions & to schedule a private appointment. Receive your "1st" High Colonic, if you have never been flushed out professionally.

The Internal Bath - A Colon Flush

* a.k.a. Colon Cleansing will  wash and flush-out poisons from your Colon. Warm water is applied and administered with gravity gentle flow, breaking down toxic excrements from your body leaving you flushed-out & cleansed.

* A soothing warm water Gentle High Colonic Cleansing of your entire Colon, leaving you healthy & refreshed

* A relaxing pleasurable warm water Enema cleansing of your lower intestines only

Over-Weight? - The Battle of That Bulge

* Welcome all "Adorable" chubby, Fat & obese gentlemen. Shake, bake & lose weight. Fat & Obesity is definitely a "killer". Keep your Colon cleansed. Get rid of that protruding belly, (pooch) and let the sun- shine in. Enjoy the new you, let you breathe & body move. Love your healthy new body. So kindly call me if you are over-weight...

Soothing... Prostate Massage Milking Treatment

The Prostate Massage/Milking will pleasurable flush bacteria from your prostate to  prevent "Prostatitis".

I administer Prostate Massage with gentleness and ease. I specialize in the best technique, prolonged healthy relaxation with a unique soft touch. Keep your Prostate toned & healthy. Be kind to your body.

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