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"1ST- TIMER'S...Gentle Colon Cleansing Treatments - Are You A "1st-Timer"



 *** What is a "1st-Timer? ***

A "1st-Timer" is an individual who has never received a Professional Colonic/Enema Cleansing, a.k.a. "Internal Bath" ...

Gentlemen, your Colon is the last place everything dumps into. You know everything that goes in, do not always come out, unless it is flushed-out with soothing Gentle Professional High Colonic/Enema Cleansing Treatments. Your Colon will get overloaded after months and years of "dried waste" stucked, impacted to your Colon.

Your Colon must be cleansed on a routine basic.

Just imagine, if you have never taken a shower, you know that your body is filthy, and if you have never received soothing Gentle High Colonic/Enema Cleansing Treatments, you also know that your Colon is also filthy (Internally) and need a washing, which is called a Cleansing, a.k.a.  "Internal Bath".

*** For your health and well-being, include soothing Gentle High Colonic/Enema warm water  Cleansing Treatments in your life.  Cleanse up un-healthy problems due to an un-cleansed Colon.


Get Cleanse From Within

Gentlemen, many of my clients states: High Colonic/Enemas also has a relaxing healthy sensual sensation.

*** "Adorable" Chubby, Fat & Obese gentlemen are welcome. Over-weight? - Call me, Nurse Pearl, Colon Hydro-Therapist.

*** I provide: Gentle Prostate Massage Therapy Relaxtion with gentleness and ease. A massage of the Prostate is one of my best Expertise. Come relax your body and receive the attention that it deserves. I specialize in providing the best technique, prolonged relaxation with a unique soft touch.

A-1 Gentle Colonic/Enema Cleansings

Gentle Prostate Massage Therapy Relaxation

Healthy Prostate Massage Milkings

"Prostatitis' Healing Relief

Therapeutic deep-tissue Body Massage

Un-Block Constipation

Weight-loss For The "Adorable" chubby, fat & obese gentlemen. Welcome

Treat yourself to Greatness ... Welcome

212-353-8817 - Kindly, I thank you for reading this page before calling Me. Sorry, no e-mails

*** Nurse Pearl ***

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