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Greetings: Gentlemen

Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Nurse Pearl. New York City's Lovely Black #1 Private Colonic/Enema Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist. - International Known


 New York City's #1Grand Matriarch of Enemas, Colonics & Healthy Prostate Massages

I am available: 24/7. When calling to schedule an appointment, be sure to read the information before calling Me. Thank you.  212-353-8817

*****  I enjoy and know exactly what I am doing *****

Everyone should be concern about their well-being. Cleansing your Colon is a necessity. I provide Professional gentle soothing High Colonics & Enema Treatments, various types depending on your condition, Professional Healthy Gentle Prostate Massage/Milking, Therapeutic Massage &  Un-Block Constipation.

***** All Treatments are Healthy and A-1 Fabulous 10-star

Page to read:  click on page at top: Healthy A-1 Gentle Prostate Massage/Milking

Healthy Pleasurable - packages:

***** The Standard Treatment- package - mainly for beginners/the 1st- Timer

***** The Royal Treatment - package - is the "VIP" Paradise Treatment. Definitely the Creme de la Creme

***** The Paris Treatment - package - is for that "special" gentlemen 

BRAND NEW  ..... The GOLD Super Deluxe Treatment - for:

The Fortune 500 Gentlemen - inquire


All packages with candlelight & soft music surroundings ...

"Put Your 'tush' in My Hands" - I Will Treat it With Tender Care

Leave Walking With A Little "Pep in Your Step"

Kindly, enjoy viewing my wonderful-site before calling Me. There is much more to come... 

Nurse Pearl - Local, National & International Known





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